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    Most Common Exercises of French Women 

    frenchSome people say that French girls don’t have to exercise to stay slim and that they were born that way. Although their figures look effortless and natural, you need to know that these rumors aren’t true. French women–especially those who are in show business—exercise a lot to stay in shape. Just like the rest of the population they have regular exercise and some are enrolled in the gym and other exercise programs to stay healthy. If you want to know how to achieve that French girl body that you’ve always admired, here are some of the most common exercise for French women.


    Yes, just like every woman out there, French girls also like to get on the treadmill and run those calories away. If they don’t exercise in the gym, you will see them in the apartment gym or they might own one inside their flat. The treadmill gives a great cardio exercise which helps you strengthen your body and raise your metabolism. If you don’t want to spend time going to the gym, getting yourself a Proform treadmill will help you save a lot of money for gym membership.

    Ellipticals and Rowers

    Alternative to treadmills are these two gym equipments for cardio exercise. They are also able to raise your heart rate in the level that you want it as well as improve your metabolism. If you are enrolled in the gym and you are tired of your usual warm up, you can choose these two and have fun with the experience.


    Most French women like to relax so they are often seen attending yoga classes. Yoga classes give you lots of benefits including weight reduction and relaxation. Most people who practice yoga seem quite relaxed and with a very positive vibe. Although the weight reduction part is not its focus, it’s also proven that yoga is enough to give you a daily workout. There are many types of yoga and you can choose whatever you are comfortable in.


    Running is pretty big in Europe and French women are no exception. Running is a good way to stay fit and stay healthy. Many people practice running for reasons like weight loss, cardiovascular strengthening or cross training. There are many organizations that sponsor fun runs and marathons nowadays so make sure you try it out.


    Cycling is another popular sport in Europe and people use it for transportation everyday. The best part about cycling is that you get to see places while you are getting great exercise. If you like to see the nature or the sea, you can choose to bike near these places to help you relax. There are many types of bikes available in the market today and you will need to know which one is most comfortable for you to ride. Try going to a bike shop and ask the sales representative to help you understand which bike is best for you.

    Staying is very important for everyone and not only French women. If you manage to keep your body on a healthy weight and sustain it with a balanced diet, you will feel more energetic and healthier for sure.

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    The Guide to Latex Mattresses 

    uponamattressHere you are trying to get a new mattress; you have already gone through all the details of what you want in your head. We all know there are a few other types of mattresses out there, memory foam, spring, and then there’s the latex mattress. You know that it’s rubber, but that’s it. What is so special about latex mattresses and why should you get them? Here is a quick rundown.

    Latex is a naturally obtained type of rubber. It is a flexible resource used in a bunch of other things, from medical practices to making mattresses. In this term, the latex blend is highly contouring. It’s made by extracting milky fluids from rubber trees and in turn it gives out a fairly flat and comfortable sleeping surface. Latex mattresses also provide a more superior, subtle and conventional experience with a high level of support contrary to other sleeping mattresses.

    There are two common types of latex, synthetic and natural. Synthetic latex is mostly made of chemical-based ingredients while natural is a milky substance extracted from rubber trees. In this day and age, where everyone is trying to go “green”, natural latex is a much-preferred choice versus chemical-based latex. However, don’t forget that like most all-natural products, they are more expensive than the synthetic ones. To cut down the cost of natural latex and get the benefits of the much cheaper synthetic latex, blended latex was devised. Blended latex varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. But it’s usually 60% synthetic and 40% natural and makes up the majority of the market today as per latex mattresses which is about %70. Beware of companies claiming they have %100 natural latex as there are very few that produces 100% natural latex.

    Now you’re wondering why you have to choose latex mattresses over other types. Well, these mattresses are perfect for everyone and anyone who uses a bed to sleep. They’re much more healthier and will last longer than the typical mattress your grandma used to have. They have organic material in them when they are made and they’re mold proof, resistant to a lot of bugs and pests like dust-mites and bed bugs, they’re also hypoallergenic. You can expect a mattress made of latex to last up to 20-25 years! Latex doesn’t retain much heat when you sleep on it, it’s purposely designed to have passages for air circulation to help with the cooling feature of the bed and also to not retain heat.

    One of the pros is that if you are diagnosed or feeling back problems, latex mattresses with it’s firm properties are said to help with your relaxation and improve posture while sleeping. If you are sleeping on a latex mattress, since it comes with natural ingredients, you don’t inhale many toxic chemicals while you’re sleeping that may be harmful to your body. But with all said and done, the best thing about latex mattresses is that they are very comfortable and will help you relax much easily than most of other mattresses. The only downfall for this product is that its a bit pricey than other commonly used beds but still less expensive than memory foam beds.

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    Learn Cosmetology and Look Like a Celebrity 

    If you want to look like one of your favorite French TV celebrity you can opt to study cosmetology. But if you have bigger dreams and you want to become part of their production team as a make-up artist, you need to enrol and study cosmetology. However, it might be costly and you won’t have enough money to do it.

    You should know that you don’t have to shell out money once you enter the school. There can be misunderstanding when it comes to this but it’s a relief to know that this is not one of their requirements. This is good to know especially if you are learning cosmetology on the side like when you have other bills to pay or if you’re already a parent. Some schools will even help you find a way to pay.

    This is because cosmetology schools want you to enroll in their educational programs. They want to work with you so you can afford to stay in school. They can offer you payment plans, financial aid packages, loans, grants and scholarship. Here are some details when it comes to these options.

    Payment Plans

    All specialized schools are considered a business. The more students enrolled the more money and tuition the make. That’s the reason why payment plans are offered to students who are on a budget because they will also add to the money that they make every year. They even offer interest free plans so students are attracted to get them. If the student has a credit card, most schools also honor it to pay for their tuition. Every student generates an income for a school so they will do everything to get you to enroll. They will even tailor a payment plan specifically for you and your financial situation so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

    Cosmetology Financial Aid Packages

    Financial aid packages are often offered to students who exhibit hardship in affording a payment plan. This will be based on the situation or circumstance of the student. Because most of student’s circumstances are unique, these packages are awarded on a case by case basis. Packages can come as grants, scholarships or loans.
    Grants are offered by many different organizations that has something to do with beauty schools. The school that you want to attend can work with you to help you apply for these types of grants. Unlike other financial aid packages, grants can pay for your tuition (a portion or entirely depending on the funds) without having to pay them back.

    Cosmetology Scholarships

    There are many organizations that can offer scholarships for the top beauty schools worldwide. The criteria by which they are granted will differ for every organization. They usually base it on the grades that you had during your high school or college days. Some also consider your financial needs and let grant you the scholarship because they see that you really want to study. You can apply for a scholarship anytime through your school.

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    Tarot Guide: Is He Having an Affair? 

    love affairIf you’ve watched something like a tarot card reading episode on your favorite TV show and you have questions of your own, you might want to try it. For example, if you think your partner is cheating on you, why not sit down and let the cards give you guidance.

    In a card reading, The Magician is what usually tells you that a cheater is near you. If this card appears you might want to sit down until you reach the end of the reading. The Magician represents your inner power to create something using nothing and is one of the strongest cards in the Tarot deck. If you get this without the association to someone cheating on you, it’s very good because it means you are enlightened about something.

    If this card appears in the past, you may have already known about what’s going on and tried to deny it. Because of your self denial, you made him worse because he thinks now that he can get away with everything. This means that you are partly to blame about his behavior and that you should have confronted him when you suspected. If it appears in the present, it may just be happening at this moment and if it appears in the future, you can bet that your man is trying to look around. If he is just trying to look around, you can still confront him and ask him what is going on to prevent the problem.

    The card that is closest to the magician card usually can tell you who he is cheating with. The suit of Pentacles represents money and this means an affair in the workplace. A card from the suit of cups it may mean that he is already in love with his this person. This is when you need to stay away and move on. A card from the suit of pentacles means that he wants to replace you with someone better. Like another sugar mommy who has more money. If you’re equal with money terms, he may be borrowing money from her. A card from the suit of swords means that he is out for revenge.

    The pairings with the four page cards will mean that she is younger than you. Knight cards will mean unexpected meetings or flings. This could have happened when he went out to bars where there’s a good chance of picking up some girl. It also means that it didn’t last and he didn’t fall in love but it’s up to you to decide if you will keep him.

    A reading with The Magician and The Queen means that he is definitely cheating on you—and it might be with someone that you know. This does not mean you have to investigate. It only means that you need to run away because if you have a hunch that you’re man is having an affair with one of your friends or even your acquaintances you should not tolerate it. You need to have more self respect to leave people that are causing stress and negativity in your life. Try a free psychic love reading from online sites!

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    Have Comfy Couches with Pet Hair Vacuum 

    It’s really nice to watch your favorite French TV series with your pet around to keep you company. However, being a pet owner also means that you always have to look out for pet hair in your furniture. Pets are adorable but as owners, you just have to accept that they shed their hair and there’s nothing you can do about it. This is why you need a good vacuum cleaner to take care of all the mess so you can watch TV comfortably—everyone can relate to this. There are vacuums that are better for removing pet hair compared to other vacuums. Here are some factors that you need to consider.

    Suction power

    The thing that most pet owners discover about a regular old vacuum is that they’re oftentimes just not powerful enough to pick up pet hair. So you definitely want a vacuum that has great suction power. This will allow you to pull up all those hairs in the hard to reach areas, especially out of carpets, without having to go over the area with the vacuum multiple times.

    What pet owners discover about their old vacuum cleaners is that they are not powerful enough to pick up those thin pet hairs. You need a vacuum that gives you great suction power that will allow you to get all that pet hair from the floor, carpet and furniture. You also need to make sure that you can get them out of hard to reach areas of the house.

    Vacuum type

    There are different types of vacuums available today. You need to know which will work best for your house. If you want help on this, you can try reading reviews to know which one is the best for you.

    Cord length

    This is something that most pet owners overlook but is actually very important. It’s a good idea to get a long cord in the range of 20 to 25 inches especial if you have a big house. Imagine cleaning from room to room and having to unplug the vacuum all the time. It can be a hassle and having a long cord is a good way to avoid it.


    If you have multiple rooms, you need to take note of the weight of the vacuum. Many people don’t take this into consideration when they buy a new vacuum. Again, for bigger houses, you need a vacuum cleaner that is lightweight and can easily be moved around.


    Another important thing to consider is the length of your vacuum handle to see if your storage space is enough to accommodate it. There are vacuums that are aligns well with a flat wall while there are vacuums that are awkwardly folded up so they take up more space.


    It’s good to always get a vacuum with many kinds of accessories that attach to it. This is not really that important but it’s a good idea to have a rotating brush that you can use with your vacuum or an extension hose for hard to reach areas.

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    Have Flawless Celebrity Skin with Laser Hair Removal Treatments 

    You always see beautiful French women on TV with their almost hairless and sexy bodies. Many women during the summer have to choose between getting a tan and having laser hair removal treatments. For many years, getting both was not possible until Elos came. This technology promises to let you have laser hair removal treatments even after your tanning session or after your beach escapade. It even offers laser hair removal for people with naturally dark hair. The only problem is that not all clinics or spas have this kind of technology.

    This is why the manufacturer of the Elos technology, Syneron, introduced a home version of this device called the Me Smooth. This machine that is available for consumers will use a less powerful variation of the IPL and Radio frequency energy. This home laser removal technology was approved by the FDA on 2012.

    The advantage of the Me Smooth over other home hair removal devices like the Tria is that this technology works on every type of skin color from white to coffee. A certified technician is not required to use the machine but it’s advised that you let a professional use it for safety purposes. If you want to use the device yourself, you can get lessons from a technician before trying it on your own.

    Syneron also offers customer support to guide you on how to use the phone. Once you are familiar with the technique, you should know that it needs 7 treatments for every area of the body where you want hair to be removed. These treatments should be scheduled a week apart and should be followed up by touch ups every month. Since underarms are the most commonly treated areas, you should take note that it takes a minute on each underarm and two minutes for bikini areas and ten minutes per leg. You also don’t need any kind of gel to use on each area. A razor is built into the device to remove any kind of hair while every hair follicle is targeted using the hand piece. Many users of the Me Smooth attested that this kind of technology is painless but some blistering might occur if the hand piece is not constantly moving.

    The Me Smooth device retails for $395 in select department stores and it already comes with a disposable cartridge for energy. Every energy cartridge can last for 18 to 20 bikini treatments or 6 to 7 underarm treatments. After this, each energy cartridge replacement can be bought for $50. The Me Smooth can save you money because each treatment will cost a lot compared to spa and clinic treatments. It can also be done in the comfort of your own home and you don’t need to schedule an appointment that can sometimes be a hassle to do. Another advantage of home laser hair removal machines is that you don’t need to feel embarrassed when it comes to sensitive areas of the body because you will be doing it on your own or with someone that you are already comfortable with.

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    Choosing a Gun Safe for Your Safety 

    Whether you developed a fondness for guns because of the popular French TV show “Engranages” or you need them for your protection, these weapons need to be safe all the time to keep it from children and from harm’s way. Gun safes exist so you can store both your guns and ammunitions in a safe way. It also gives you easy access to them when you need them. You need to know more about gun safe so you have a good place to store your guns in.gun safe pbn

    Gun Safes and Traditional Safes

    Traditional safes are made to stores weapons but it takes a long time to open them when you need access to your weapons. Gun safes are designed specifically for holding guns that you want to put away. Gun safes usually tell you how many weapons they can hold but it is better to divide the maximum amount in half to conveniently store your weapons without being too tight.

    Gun safes are opened very quickly in case of emergencies. This is why they are not very safe to store jewelries and money in. The purpose of a gun safe is to make sure that there are no accidents if someone who doesn’t know how to handle a gun by not giving them access to it.

    Another difference between gun safes and traditional safes is that gun safes use push button lock mechanisms so you can open them faster. Some gun safes use biometric locks with thumb or eye recognition to make it even faster. Traditional safes use dial locks and these are cheaper than push button ones.


    A safe’s location will be based on the reason why you bought one. If you are just storing your weapons for a long period of time until hunting season opens, you can put your safe in the basement. This location is cooler and is usually safe when there are emergency fires. However, there are people who want their gun safe to be stored in the bedroom because they want instant access to them in case of home invasions.

    There are also people who like to store their guns in a hidden location so that thieves won’t have time to look for them. By doing this, it will lessen the chances of your gun safe being compromised and discovered not only by thieves but by your children as well. Some people will even go through the lengths of hiding their gun safes inside another piece of furniture or built in to a wall or the floor.


    As a gun and gun safe owner, you need to make sure that you are responsible enough to always keep it locked. What you need to do is to keep your weapons out of reach. There are gun safes that pop pen when you drop them on the side so make sure to test a gun safe before buying them. You should also take note of your ammunition as they are very dangerous loaded to a gun or not.

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    Get Rid of Jawpain to Enjoy your TV Shows 

    If you can’t watch your favorite French TV shows because of the pain you are experiencing in your jaw, you need to see your doctor or dentist to check if it has something to do with TMJ. These professionals will help you determine the treatment that’s best for you. They will also check the area where the muscles responsible for TMJ are located for inflammation and asymmetry. They will also try to listen for clicking or scraping sounds in your joints, check your teeth and test the range or your jaw motion. They can also give you exams like a CT scan and MRI to check if you have problems.

    If symptoms of TMJ are found, you will be given different options for treatment. However, prevention is often offered first to patients to reduce stress and keep them from teeth grinding and jaw clenching. Many TMJ cases can be treated at home and you may be asked to change your eating habits like avoid chewing and cut food into smaller proportions. You can also be asked to exercise your jaw muscles but there are other recommendations that your doctor could suggest.

    Drug Therapies

    The doctor can recommend you to take the following medications:

    • NSAIDS (Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) like Ibuprofen
    • Minor tranquilizers and muscle relaxants during bedtime to reduce pain and spasms
    • Local anesthetic injection
    • Corticosteroid injections
    • Surgery

    There are cases when the doctor needs to remove fluid from your joint to help get rid of pain especially when you experience locked jaw. But for worse cases, a surgery is needed to remove the disk that lies between the jaw and temporal bone.

    Alternative Therapies

    There are alternative therapies that can work with the treatment of TMJ dysfunction. If you opt for this choice, you can work with a health care provided that has experience in the treatment of TMJ.

    Nutrition and Supplements

    There are nutritional tips and supplements that can help you alleviate the symptions of TMJ:

    • Eat food rich in flavonoids. Flavonoids are found in plants and are richi n antioxidants that may help reduce pain in the joints.
    • Do not eat food with saturated fats and caffeine because they can increase inflammation.
    • No gum chewing is allowed


    Those can reduce pain and help rebuild the joint cartilage to improve your jaw motion. Some studies show that it also helps people suffering from arthritis and is works just like Ibuprofen for its pain relieving effects. However, there are some risks involved when taking Glucosamine so ask your doctor first before you take this medication.

    Vitamin C

    This is also used for the body to make cartilage. It can improve the range of joint motion in the jaw and although there are no studies related to Vitamin C solving TMJ problems, it can also interact with ther types of medication to make the effect stronger.


    There are herbs that are proven to strengthen the body when it comes to treating diseases. These herbs can also trigger side effects that interact with other types of supplements or medications so ask your health care provider for approval.

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    Top 4 Cycling Bags That Can Fit Laptops 

    If you like watching Tour De France, chances are you also like to go cycling. Everyone needs to carry a bag while cycling to the office, school or wherever we need to go to carry our essentials. But for French TV series lovers, we always need our laptops to stream our favorite shows. There are rucksacks and seatpost-mounted bags that are good for heavy loads and long rides but for shorter rides, the simple messenger bags used by couriers are the best way to go for urban cycling.

    These bags have plenty of space for documents, files and even laptops that you can access easily. They also generate less sweat because they don’t cover your back. There are many brands and types of messenger bags but these are the best ones for biking so far.

    Abus Dryve

    Abus is a German company best known for bike lock production. The Dryve is not very huge with its 16 litre capacity but it is very durable and made from high quality material. It can also easily store a 15 in laptop and has a lot of compartments that is sure to secure all your personal belongings on different weather conditions. This bag is also made to make sure that you are comfortable no matter how long the ride takes.

    Banjo Bros Medium

    This messenger bag by Banjo Bros is very affordable, fully featured and touch. It has an built in laptop divider as well as 6 other pockets to put your essentials in. These pockets are secured by Velcro and zippers—they also come with pen slots. It also comes with a removable mobile holder on the strap, a carrying handle, key clip and light tab. It is also waterproof and comfortable with a 19 litre capacity that fits any type of occasion.

    Bagaboo Eco Medium

    This is a very simple but high quality bag with a 27 litre capacity. The inside of this bag is very basic with no padding on the back and no dividers and laptop pockets but the big size can easily take a 15 inch laptop, clothes and other essentials that you need everyday. It has four slip pockets and the flap is secured by Velcro. This is a very tough, waterproof bag with a cordura inner and outer tarpaulin lining.

    Ortlieb Medium Sling-It

    This type of bag is available in three sizes but the best one has to be the medium sized one. It also features Ortlieb’s famous Teutonic waterproof technology where no water can pass through the roll down top. This bag has a 12-litre capacity with 2 main storages. The first storage is big enough to store a 15 in laptop and the other one is good for other types of documents. It doesn’t have any external pockets which mean it can easily be accessed. This is a very high quality bag made by one of the best messenger bag manufacturers today. The Ortlieb Medium Sling-it is the best for office workers or students that cycle to work or school everyday. The larger sling-it model first a 17-inch laptop without any problem and has the same features, storage and design.